Todd Podbielski

Assistant Project Manager at Capital A Housing

Todd Podbielski is an Austin-based urban planner and analyst currently serving as an assistant project manager at Capital A Housing and Civilitude Engineers and Planners, under the HEXAH Group of Companies. At Capital A, Todd utilizes extensive land analysis, feasibility research, and public policy knowledge to effectively problem solve and reduce the housing crisis being faced in Austin and cities across the US.

Todd initially started his career at Civilitude Engineers and Planners as a GIS (geographic information systems) analyst, analyzing a wide range of land-based and environmental risk factors when developing a piece of property. As HEXAH grew, he began supporting Capital A Housing more with the feasibility of affordable housing projects throughout Austin. He has also lent support in researching public policy needed to push forward affordable housing projects.

Prior to joining Capital A Housing, Todd worked as a research specialist for the Capital Area Council of Governments, an alliance of 10 counties in Central Texas. In this job he worked on federal grant applications, transportation planning, and economic development within the public sector. Soon after, he took a research position under one of his professors at the UT Center for Sustainable Development which focused on writing affordable housing plans for Harris county and performing environmental analysis of pollution factors, flood risk, and wildfire risk.

Todd discovered his passion for urban development while in high school. Growing up in Houston, Todd witnessed explosive growth in his hometown and was able to learn more about the profession from an urban lens. He then decided to study urban planning,  GIS and location analysis at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. 

While at Texas State, he learned about city policy especially pertaining to Austin, only a few miles north of Texas State. Todd learned spatial analysis and the trends and patterns that shape the livable environment. He eventually took classes that focused on societal issues that affect different areas such as inequality or lack of sustainability policies. Inspired by growth in Austin, Todd rounded out his undergrad experience with his senior thesis about the Mueller Development, located in east central Austin. Todd then pursued a masters in Urban, Regional, and Community Planning from the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in May 2021.

Outside of the office, Todd enjoys all of the outdoor adventures Austin has to offer plus the live music scene. He is also an avid Houston sports fan.