Capital A Housing is laser-focused on serving our community by providing opportunities for families to achieve homeownership within city limits regardless of income. Our motto and mission is Development For Good: creating complete, well-designed communities that wouldn’t be created otherwise by layering public and private funding, subsidies, tax abatements, and more while fighting for affordability at the policy level.


Capital A Housing is a real estate developer focused on providing affordable housing in the Austin community. Combining the team’s varied expertise in public affairs, community-engaged architecture, and urban design, Capital A Housing creates complete communities – those that offer more than just housing by incorporating services like healthcare, mental health support, access to the local food bank, partnerships with local artists, and more. Capital A Housing navigates affordability with more agility than traditional developers, and even nonprofits, by layering local, state, and federal subsidies with land development code exceptions, tax abatement strategies, philanthropic grants, and community service providers. The team also takes projects one step further by tackling affordability at the policy level, counseling city leaders in the creation of policy drafts, and putting those adopted policies to work by delivering affordable housing.


Conor Kenny


Conor Kenny is a public affairs professional, civic volunteer, and affordable housing expert currently serving as a principal at Capital A Housing. Before becoming a developer, Conor spent two decades working in politics and public policy in and around federal, state, and local government in Washington, DC and Austin. Conor has deep connections and experience in the Austin area on affordable housing issues. He chaired his neighborhood plan contact team, served on and then chaired the City of Austin Planning Commission, and currently serves on the executive board of the Austin Housing Coalition and on the Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Local Member Council for Austin chapter of the Urban Land Institute.

Kevin Howard

Director of Urban Design

Kevin Howard is an accomplished community planner serving as the director of urban design at Capital A Housing. Passionate about equitable and sustainable housing, Howard promotes well-designed, human-oriented projects through his work, research and advocacy. His keen understanding of best practices and technical skills allow him to effectively communicate to a diverse audience of government, industry and community stakeholders. His holistic perspective and people-focused approach are critical to the ability of Capital A to innovate in the development industry and to provide low-income households with enriching environments that are fully integrated with the surrounding community. He believes in a collaborative approach to city building and encourages regulatory transparency and public participation in future planning. In addition to his work, Kevin is on the board of the local chapter of the Congress for New Urbanism, Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation, and is part of the City of Austin Design Commission.

David Dinoff

Director of Real Estate

David Dinoff is a mission-driven community developer currently serving as director of real estate at Capital A Housing. Employing his financial knowledge, he is dedicated to improving communities and works to establish housing opportunities for low-income households. He believes that housing is a human right and that thoughtful urban planning and development can transform communities and positively impact the lives of those that live there. His financial expertise has enabled Capital A Housing to secure funding for over 500 units and his understanding of public and private sources of capital and low income housing tax credits is key in determining the feasibility of a project. David is certified by the National Development Council as a Housing Development Financial Professional and has a People Manager Qualification from Society for Human Resource Management.

Fayez Kazi

Founder of HEXAH

Fayez Kazi is an activator of people and industry disruptors with expertise in engineering, development and entrepreneurship to nurture budding leaders through mentorship, investments and philanthropic efforts. As the founder and CEO of HEXAH, a collective of industry leaders and partners creating connected and complete communities, he employs two decades of leadership and engineering experience to expand the Austin skyline and develop more opportunities for future leaders. After noticing gaps that needed filling in both the community through affordable housing solutions and in the development and construction industries, Fayez founded Capital A Housing. Throughout his career, Kazi has been extensively involved in the Austin community through serving in leadership roles. From 2015 until 2020, he served as the chair and vice chair of the City of Austin Planning Commission, and vice chair of the City of Austin Zero Waste Commission.

Todd Podbielski

Assistant Project Manager

Todd Podbielski is an Austin-based urban planner and analyst currently serving as an assistant project manager at Capital A Housing and Civilitude Engineers and Planners, under the HEXAH Group of Companies. At Capital A, Todd utilizes extensive land analysis, feasibility research, and public policy knowledge to effectively problem-solve and reduce the housing crisis being faced in Austin and cities across the US. His experience with federal grant applications, research in transportation planning, and economic development in the public sector gives him a unique perspective on funding and development processes, especially when it comes to affordable housing. Todd’s passion for trends and patterns that shape a livable environment shapes his everyday work. His understanding of processes that are needed for achieving success in the affordable housing market contributes to Capital A Housing’s team in the goal of providing dignified housing.

Tetyana Samiliv

Development Associate

Tetyana Samiliv is an Austin-based community builder currently serving as a development associate at Capital A Housing, a Central Texas affordable housing developer based in Austin, Texas. In this role, Tetyana utilizes her deep knowledge of community engagement and planning to build housing that provides dignity and community regardless of income. Tetyana’s passion lies in community engagement in creating dignified, safe communities where folks from all walks of life can feel good living. Her multidirectional interests in education, sustainability, and planning and her experience of living in different countries gives her a unique perspective on communication strategy with multiple stakeholders. When not at work, Tetyana is volunteering her time on the rebuilding strategies of post-war Ukraine and is looking for new ways to share planning knowledge with the public, especially the youth.

Eyad Kasemi


Eyad Kasemi is an experienced general contractor, real estate developer, and civil engineer, currently serving as a partner at Capital A Housing, as well as serving as principal at Constructinople, a general contractor offering design and build services. He’s also a partner and leader at several entities including Capital A Housing. As a Syrian migrant, Kasemi understands the obstacles people face when finding a home in the United States. His personal experiences have motivated him to provide quality affordable housing for immigrants, minorities, and low-income persons so that everyone has the opportunity to have a home and community in a thriving city. With nearly 10 years of experience, he is well-versed in environmental sensitivities, grading, draining, and the permitting process, setting him apart as a company leader and valuable asset to clients.

Peter Johnson

Design Lead

Peter Johnson is the design lead for Capital A Housing under the HEXAH Group of Companies. Peter holds a Master of Architecture from Texas Tech University and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. His multifaceted background allows him to take a holistic approach to design that blends different disciplines, such as architecture, structure, and constructability. He has worked in structural engineering in addition to architectural design, providing an innate sense of integrated design. Peter delights in utilizing creative thinking to problem solve in challenging projects, of which there is no shortage of in affordable housing. Peter is a valuable team member who brings creative solutions to development processes at Capital A Housing as well as expertise in the later stages of development, such as construction and livability.


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