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Addressing Housing Affordability Through Faith-Based Partnerships

Communities in Austin are grappling with housing affordability as costs continue to rise. Recognizing their role as stewards of community resources, faith institutions and churches seek ways to leverage their land and assets to address this need. Partnering with Capital A Housing allows them to turn their vision of social justice into action by transforming underutilized land into vibrant, affordable housing developments.

Our Approach

At Capital A Housing, we believe affordable housing is not just an economic issue but also an ethical imperative. We collaborate closely with faith-based clients to develop housing solutions that reflect their values and priorities. Whether it’s creating affordable rental units or establishing community land trusts, our approach is tailored to meet their unique needs and goals.

Why Partner with Us?

Shared Values: We share a commitment to social justice and community empowerment, aligning our mission with concrete actions that make a positive difference. We always seek solutions that will work for your land and those you want to serve.

Expertise: With over 50 years of combined experience in affordable housing development, our team navigates complex regulatory requirements and delivers successful projects on time and within budget.

Community Impact: Together, we create thriving communities where all residents have access to safe, stable, and affordable housing, strengthening ties to the community and fulfilling broader missions.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We’re passionate about forging partnerships with faith-based organizations, inviting them to explore possibilities of working together to make a difference.


Tackling Housing Affordability Through Strategic Partnerships

Local governments and organizations play a crucial role in addressing housing affordability. By partnering with Capital A Housing, they leverage our expertise to implement effective strategies, expand housing options, and promote equitable access.

Our Collaborative Approach

We work closely with local governments to co-create solutions tailored to the needs and priorities of their communities. From streamlining regulatory processes to securing funding, we drive positive change through collaborative action.

Why Partner with Us?

Expertise in Affordable Housing: With a proven track record of over 600 units under development in Austin, we plan, finance, and implement projects that address local needs and priorities. We regularly provide guidance to city officials on various interconnected disciplines such as safety, mobility, and accessibility.

Innovative Solutions: We provide creative solutions and best practices to maximize the impact of housing investments. We actively engage in initiatives such as childcare, infill focusing on mobility, SMART housing (which emphasizes safety, mixed-income, accessibility, and affordability in transit-oriented developments), and facilitating community access and service provision.

Community Engagement: Through meaningful engagement, our projects reflect diverse voices and aspirations. We engage with stakeholders, such as neighbors and community organizations, at all steps of the development process. This ensures a transparent process and allows us to update everyone on the state of the project, even during the construction phase.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We seek partnerships with local governments and organizations to create inclusive, equitable, and sustainable communities and to keep making our cities better for everyone.


Empowering Communities Through Supportive Housing

Non-profit organizations play a crucial role in breaking the cycle of homelessness through supportive housing. By partnering with Capital A Housing, they amplify their impact by providing affordable, supportive housing options that foster healing, growth, and self-sufficiency.

Our Collaborative Approach

We work closely with non-profit organizations to develop projects responsive to community needs, integrating support services and securing funding for resident programs. We collaborate with architects and designers who are experts in trauma-informed design and that help us achieve a community-based approach.

Why Partner with Us?

Expertise in Supportive Housing: Our team navigates complexities in financing, development, and management. We are currently working on 5 supportive housing development projects with a total of 300 units and 40 beds being under design or construction and have helped organizations secure over $100 in funding.

Holistic Solutions: We prioritize both housing stability and individual well-being, addressing underlying issues contributing to homelessness.

Community-Centered Design: Projects reflect inclusivity, dignity, and respect through engagement with residents and stakeholders.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We invite non-profit organizations to explore partnerships that create supportive housing solutions transforming lives. Reach out to us if you are interested in collaboratio


Strengthening Communities Through Collaborative Housing Solutions

Neighborhood and community organizations advocate for inclusive, equitable neighborhoods with access to affordable housing, as well as fighting gentrification and displacement. Partnering with Capital A Housing, they shape the future by supporting affordable housing options that meet diverse needs.

Our Collaborative Approach

We work closely with organizations to co-create housing projects responsive to community character and needs, revitalizing areas and promoting social connections.

Why Partner with Us?

Community-Centered Design: We can help you deliver projects that reflect unique community identities and aspirations.

Strengthening Social Connections: We strive for housing that promotes social inclusion and collaboration within communities. We collaborate with organizations that provide affordable childcare, placemaking, art classes, and other community amenities to ensure that we create not only housing but also a place for everyone to be and gather.

Sustainable Community Development: We find solutions that prioritize long-term sustainability and resilience. One example is the resilience hub at one of our developments that is planned in response to the power blackouts in Austin in the past several years due to extreme weather conditions.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We seek partnerships with organizations advocating for affordable housing policies and grassroots initiatives. Reach out to us if you would like to talk about opportunities to work together.